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Our ethnic experience brings us to the home of the Mapuche culture Pewenche ("people of the ancient tree, Araucaria or Pewen" in Mapudungun, the language of the Mapuche), to the Andean Lagoons and to an ancient Araucaria forest. An hour and a half from Pucón, we will arrive to the Puesco sector of Villarrica National Park, located at the base of Volcano Lanín that is shared with the bordering country, Argentina. During a mild walk that takes between 2 and 3 hours, we can enjoy the view of this massive volcano and feel like the Mapuche, walking through the forests in search for their main food source, the ngülliw (pine seed). We will go through natural environments with great scenic beauty, eventually arriving to Huinfiuca Lagoon, and returning to Quillehue Lagoon, afterwards heading west for 20 minutes in the car until we get to the intercultural Mapuche village Currarehue. In lof ("clan of families that share the same territory" in Mapudungun) “Trankürra”, we will find a community tourism project, where we can meet a "longko" (chief of the community) and his family in a "ruka pewenche de wampo" (typical Andean Mapuche style house made of wood) and a bee farm. Enjoying the history and the delightful Pewenche gastronomy, later we learn about "lawenes" (local herbal medicine) and about the honey they use to make natural cosmetics. On the way back to Pucón, we will go by the cultural center Trawupeyüm (“where we meet”), where a local guide tells us their own story in context to the cultural artifacts on display and the legends that are also written on the information panels. With our CulTour Mapuche, we help constructing markets with identity and collaborate with the development of the economies of the indigenous towns within the Araucanía Region.

Sustainability & Level of Difficulty

altura-iconos-sustentables.fwContact with the Culture and People: turismo sustentable sostenible social cultural 3.fw
altura-iconos-sustentables.fwContact and Preservation of Nature: turismo sustentable sostenible medioambiental 4.fw
altura-iconos-sustentables.fwStimulation of the local Economy: turismo sustentable sostenible economico 3.fw
altura-iconos-sustentables.fwLevel of Difficulty: tour activity actividad excursion 2.fw

Departures Duration Minimum Passengers
every day;
9:00 hours
9 hours in total
(9 hours of activity)
four people *


*All the activities are also available as private service as long as your group includes the minimum passengers. Please consult for the private fares.