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This tour is made up of the main natural attractions close to Pucón. It starts with a visit to some of the most beautiful waterfalls there are in the surroundings of Pucón: "Los Ojos del Caburgua", and its Blue Lagoon. While you admire these beautiful bodies of water, you will learn how these turquoise waters arrived from unground drainages of Lake Caburgua. This imposing Lake Caburgua will become our next stop. Afterwards we head to "Salto El Marimán", a 100% naturally beautiful place, within a private park involved in the preservation of the native forest. After seeing this giant class VI waterfall, you will understand why those who practice rafting have to avoid it while feeling all of its potent energy. The tour ends with a relaxing two-hour visit to the Termas Peumayen, and a return to Pucón afterwards.

Sustainability & Level of Difficulty

altura-iconos-sustentables.fwContact with the Culture and People: turismo sustentable sostenible social cultural 2.fw
altura-iconos-sustentables.fwContact and Preservation of Nature: turismo sustentable sostenible medioambiental 3.fw
altura-iconos-sustentables.fwStimulation of the local Economy: turismo sustentable sostenible economico 2.fw
altura-iconos-sustentables.fwLevel of Difficulty: tour activity actividad excursion 2.fw

Departures Duration Minimum Passengers
every day;
14:30 hours
4 – 5 hours in total
(4 – 5 hours of activity)
three people *


*All the activities are also available as private service as long as your group includes the minimum passengers. Please consult for the private fares.