Interpretive Hike
"San Sebastián in Huerquehue"underline mini

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This eco-hike passes through the trails of the Huerquehue National Park and is an incredible experience for trained hikers seeking the thrill of reaching the top of the world. Our hike takes us to the San Sebastian trail, one of the most beautiful and secluded hiking trails in the world. Reaching the top of mount Quinchol, we will be surprised by a beautiful view of mountains and neighboring volcanoes. We will go through tracks with native forests of coihues, lengas and araucarias, to ascend to the summit of Cerro San Sebastián, one of the highest peaks of the park (1,920 m). Upon reaching the top of the mountain, once covered with a glacier, we have a 360-degree view of the area. From there, on a cloudless day, we will view the pristine waters of eight lakes, eleven volcanoes, and three rivers. Given the height of our resting spot, we happen to be in a condor nesting area and we can usually see them flying nearby. Our hike up is between two and a half to four hours and two to three hours going down.

Sustainability & Level of Difficulty

altura-iconos-sustentables.fwContact with the Culture and People: turismo sustentable sostenible social cultural 1.fw
altura-iconos-sustentables.fwContact and Preservation of Nature: turismo sustentable sostenible medioambiental 5.fw
altura-iconos-sustentables.fwStimulation of the local Economy: turismo sustentable sostenible economico 1.fw
altura-iconos-sustentables.fwLevel of Difficulty: tour activity actividad excursion 2.fw

Departures Duration Minimum Passengers
every day;
8:00 hours
6 – 8 hours in total
(4 – 6 hours of activity)
two people *


*All the activities are also available as private service as long as your group includes the minimum passengers. Please consult for the private fares.